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Is Accessibility Ruining Photography?

Look around you - more than likely, you've got a camera nearby. Whether that's a point and shoot, DSLR, or your cell phone, almost everyone has access to a camera these days.

In my opinion, that's not such a terrible thing, but it does spell trouble for the photography industry, and particularly for professionals who make the art form into their career.

Because camera technology has become so much more accessible, the service of a professional photographer has been cheapened. Why pay a "professional" $2,000 for wedding portraits, when Uncle Steve has a DSLR and will do it for $200 and free beer?

A lot of professionals will complain about how cell phones and camera accessibility are ruining photography, and to an extent, they’re right.

However, I have an unpopular opinion. I think that, while yes, the professional service has been cheapened, I think that we’re in a sort of limbo state right now. This accessibility is very much a new thing, and I think eventually this newness will wear off. After enough horror stories of bad wedding photography, or terrible senior portraits circulate the web, I think things will settle, and we’ll enter a new state of the photography industry.

These years of subpar photography will become mainstream and I think this will actually make people realize just how valuable good photography is, and what that is worth.

Good photographers will be the shining diamonds in the rough. The glowing beacons in a sea of enthusiasts.

I think everyone should have access to a camera. Photography challenges people to think creatively, and to understand light and composition. It makes you view the world differently. And I think it’s nice to have more people who understand that. It’s selfish to think that only “professionals” should be taking photos.

Of course, there are exceptions to this, and this is simply an opinion piece. But it is my belief that if you work harder, and take the necessary steps to be successful, it is still very much possible. At least… I hope so!

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