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Faith & Brian's Wedding at the Barn at Timber Creek

Bride and groom share a kiss while popping champagne

Faith and Brian's wedding was on the books for awhile so when the big day finally came, I was so excited to grab my camera and go!

It had been awhile since I did only photography for a wedding (lately I've mostly been providing hybrid video/photo coverage) so it was nice to be able to focus on the art of picture taking. Faith has been a dear friend of mine since college and she often assists me when shooting other weddings, so it was super fun to have her on the other side of the camera.

Like with all weddings, I spent the day before prepping all my equipment: charging batteries, clearing SD cards, cleaning lenses, syncing camera clocks, touching base with my second shooter, and getting things organized. After a good night's sleep, I grabbed my bags and began the drive to The Barn at Timber Creek, and what a beautiful venue it is! I made sure to get some solid drone footage of the grounds, and working with their coordinator, Ashley, was a total dream.

Upon arrival, I met up with my second shooter, Ana, and we went over our game plan for the day. We were going to cover the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready until the guys got to their cabin, and then Ana would then join them for their getting ready photos. We began with hair and makeup, and everyone was in good spirits having a fun time. Faith is a total goofball, so the time just flew by. We got detail and flatlay shots, and of course pictures of her beautiful dress.

Wedding dress hanging on patio

Ana, meanwhile, got photos of the guys getting ready, including a toast!

Groom shares toast with his groomsmen

Once the ladies were done up, we took some robes portraits, and then some wedding party photos once everyone was dressed.

After this, Ana came back and we got ready for the father-daughter first look. Guests began arriving for the ceremony, and just outside Faith's father waited in the wing of the building for Faith to make her way over. Dad was obviously shook and they shared a loving moment and a drink before moving to the holding area for the ceremony.

Father daughter first look

The ceremony began with Brian and the rest of the wedding party walking down the aisle. The officiant, Mary-Claire, then announced for everyone to stand up to welcome the bride. The doors opened, and gasps and "awws" filled the room. Brian was beside himself, and Faith and her dad made their way down the isle.

The ceremony proceeded without a hitch. We made sure to get plenty of angles and creative shots throughout. Faith and Brian wanted to keep things simple, so after a few words from Mary-Claire, they spoke their vows, exchanged rings, and shared their first kiss as husband and wife!

Bride and groom walk down the aisle cheered on by their friends and family

Immediately afterwards, we took portraits, starting with the families. After that we got a few of the wedding party, and then some couple's portraits. Faith and Brian didn't want to spend a ton of time on that, so we grabbed a few and then headed back to the bridal cottage to take photos with their marriage license and pop champagne! As a close friend, they invited me to toast with them, which was a kind gesture.

Bride and groom pop champagne

After this, I left to set up for the reception. I put flashes on light stands to get some nice off camera lighting throughout the night's events. We kicked things off with introductions and then dad said a prayer to begin dinner.

After dinner, toasts were shared, and then Faith and Brian cut the cake and shared their first dance, followed by parent dances.

Official dances completed, it was time to start the party and dance the night away!

196Events totally killed it. Their music, energy, and lighting kept the good vibes going all night.

DJ plays music at wedding

As it got dark, we took some time to get night time portraits under the fairy lights in The Pines. Faith was looking forward to these photos for weeks, so it was a great honor to make that dream a reality! We did struggle for a minute with the humidity which kept fogging our lenses up, but after a few minutes, our equipment acclimated and we got some beautiful photos.

Bride and groom dancing under fairy lights

The couple then returned to the reception hall where they danced the night away. We snapped plenty of pics all night and all had a good time. We ended things with a sparkler exit which was absolutely electric! Leave it to Faith and Brian to share their nerdy nature with a recreation of Star Wars poses using sparklers as makeshift lightsabers.

bride and groom hold sparklers like light sabers

At last, it was a bittersweet moment as the night came to an end.

I'm so so grateful I got to shoot Faith and Brian's wedding. I cherish our friendship greatly, and to be able to capture the memories of such an important day was a great honor and privilege that I will always remember fondly.

Photographer takes seated portraits of beautiful bride

Shout out to all the other vendors that helped make this day possible!

- Venue: @thebarnattimbercreek

- Music: @196events

- Hair/Makeup: @fbjweddings

- Bar: @cocktails_with_class

- Catering: @missionbbq

Best wishes to the bride and groom!

To see more photos from Faith and Brian's gorgeous wedding day, click here!

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