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Pricing & Packages

Your wedding day is potentially the single most important day in your life. The day you forge an eternal bond with your partner. It's a beautiful occasion, with your friends and family, and it's crucial you invest in the right photographer and videographer to capture those precious memories.


Custom Packages, & Small Wedding Pricing Available!

*Full day coverage up to 10 hours. Travel included for weddings up to 1 hour away.

“We did a bunch of creative couples shots that turned out absolutely stunning. His work is the best that I have ever seen.”


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Feeling Fancy?

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Do you shoot destination weddings?

Of course! I work with couples, both near and far to get them the photos and video they deserve! Often, I'll offer a discounted package to account for travel costs to exotic locations I'd love to shoot.

Will there be a second shooter?

All of my standard photography packages include a second shooter. For video or smaller weddings, it really just depends on the logistics of the day.

Should we get videography for our wedding?

That is going to be a personal choice for every couple, but I definitely recommend at least considering it. Video adds that additional element of sound and motion to your wedding coverage and is a great investment to fully capture the story of your day. Many couples enjoy watching their video and listening to their vows on their anniversaries, and it's always a hit on social media. 

Can we choose our video's music?

There are a couple of ways to go about this. If there is a specific song you want, I am happy to use it, but keep in mind if it is a copyrighted song, it may not be useable on social media, and you assume all liability for its use and licensing. Otherwise, you can choose a song from my collection of copyright free music which can be freely posted online and without limitations.

Can you do both photo and videography?

Yes! This is a service I'm proud to offer my clients. We bring together specialists from both backgrounds to create a cohesive delivery of photos and video. Booking both photo and video through a single vendor takes the stress out of going through multiple companies. Plus, as a team, we know how to work together effectively to get the best shots and create a consistent editing style.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

For portraits, no need! My shoots typically go as long as they need to, time-limit free, with no additional charge. In fact, sometimes I'm the one wanting to go longer to get all the best shots! For weddings, most don't go over 10 hours, but for anything longer, we can work out all the details ahead of time.

What kind of equipment do you use?


I use professional camera equipment, including but not limited to: a Nikon Z6ii, two D750's, 70-200mm lens, 24-70 lens, prime portrait lenses, external recording equipment, off camera flash and lighting. I also bring clear umbrellas (in case rain invites itself to your wedding) as well as an emergency wedding kit (clothes pins, Tide-to-go, bandages, etc).

Can we get the RAW files?


If you really need them, then yes, but it's typically cost prohibitive. The raw files are only a small part of what we do. You hire a photographer for the whole package, and the way we edit is a large part of our inherent style, and we don't want raw images floating around that don't reflect our best work. Rest assured, we're not holding out on you; repeats, and blurry/out of focus shots are removed, and then you get the rest which is the best of the best! For a 10 hour wedding, you can typically expect 600-1000 photos.

Are there any "hidden" fees or costs?


What you see is what you get! If I create a custom package for you, everything it includes and its cost will be very clear, and all of this is outlined when you receive your contract. Even travel costs (if over an hour away) will be determined and included ahead of time so you don't have any surprises later on. When you receive your gallery, you'll have the option to order prints and other specialty items at your discretion.

How will you use our photos and video?


My work is all about telling a story. I share some of these stories on my website, social media, and promotions. This helps potential clients get a feel for my style and know what to expect when working with me. If you'd prefer to keep things private, you have the option to hide certain images in your gallery. And if you don't want anything shared, ask me about privacy licensing.

What is an "associate" shooter?


If I'm not personally available to shoot on your wedding day, I can still serve you by hiring an associate shooter. These are professionals that I regularly work with and can match my style of shooting. They'll show up on the wedding day to do the camera work, and I'll handle all the communication, logistics, and editing before and after. It's not for everyone, but for couples who love my work, it can be a good way to still get my level of service even if I'm already booked that day.

Do you use a shot list?

I do! I use a shot list to help guide me throughout the day, but that's what it is - a guide, and not a hard set list of requirements. The wedding day is a fun and amazing time, but it's also fast paced with lots of moving parts, and as an experienced wedding professional, I know what things to prioritize even if that means we don't get every little thing on the list. It's a much more natural way to document your wedding without adding stress to an already busy day. That said, I do refer to my list for the formals (portraits after ceremony) to make sure we get all the important family groupings!


How soon should we book?

Many wedding vendors are booked out 1-3 years in advance. Weddings can be expensive, and giving yourself more time to save and prepare is always helpful. The sooner you book, the more likely your date will be available as well!

Can we get this black & white photo in color?

99% of the time when I deliver a photo in black and white it's because, due to the lighting or environmental conditions, it only looks good in black and white. This is a photo that otherwise would have been discarded.

Do we have to do the engagement session?

You don't have to, but removing it won't affect the cost of the package. It's free because I use it as an opportunity to get to know my clients and get a feel for their shooting style! It's a bonus that we get pics! If you've already done engagement photos, you can substitute it with a bridal portraits or boudoir session. 

Do you only shoot weddings?

Weddings are the primary focus of my work, but I love serving my clients in whatever capacity they need. This often extends to headshots, families, and portraits.

What is your style?

My image style is often described as clean, sharp, and true to the day's events. A lot of those trendy Instagram styles will phase out in a couple of years, so I focus on creating images that are truly timeless.

Do I have to order prints through you?

You don't have to! With the files I share with you, you can typically print up to 8x10 with no issues. However, for larger prints or specialty items, I recommend ordering through me for the highest quality and best bang for your buck!

How long until I receive photos/videos back?

For photography, I try to deliver a couple of sneak peeks within a few days of the wedding! Otherwise, typical turn around time for photo/video is 4-8 weeks. This can vary slightly depending on the season.

What's it like working with you?

Leading up to the big day, I'm happy to meet/talk with you as much as you'd like. It's important to me that we know each other fairly well so that we're comfortable working together on the big day. I provide help and templates with itinerary planning, shot lists, and more to help make the wedding planning go by as smoothly as possible. You're new at this, but I've been around the block a few times, so I'm happy to share advice and help educate so that you get the most out of your photos and video. I hope to serve as a resource to you, even if you don't ultimately book with me. There's a lot of moving parts in a wedding and it helps to have someone experienced on your side.

What makes you different?


Every artist has their own unique approach to their art and business, influenced by their mentors and the way they learned photography. I learned to be technical in my work, so even the smallest details are important to me when setting up my shots. Another unique aspect is my background in theatre. Not many other photographers can say they got their start in theatre, but I think it's given me a unique perspective on how to capture fast paced moments in varying lighting conditions in a fun and creative way. I'm also a big techie, so you'll see me using all sorts of gadgets and devices to modernize my approach and help us get the best wedding coverage possible.

Do you use a contract?

Yup, everything is made official using a digital contract service via Adobe Sign. This is for both your protection, and mine, and ensures everyone is on the same page on coverage, deliverables, and usage terms.

Can we add things later?


Of course! If you book me for photography but later on decide you want videography as well, that's no problem! We'll revise the contract and make sure you get all the coverage you need for your wedding day.

What if we need to cancel?

Hopefully that doesn't happen, but if for some reason you need to cancel your wedding coverage, you must send your request in writing (email) as soon as possible. The deposit is nonrefundable, and any other payments made will not be returned unless I can book a new wedding on your date. If you simply need to reschedule, just talk with me and we can work on a solution that works for everyone.


Sure! Your budget is super important, and we get that! Ask about our military and educator discounts.

Do we need to tip?


Tips are never expected, but always appreciated. For wedding photography, $100 - $300 is typical and is a great way to show your photographer you really appreciate their hard work.


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