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My Branding Shoot with Destiny - Daryll

Wedding Professional Since 2014

Hello! I'm Daryll. I'm a published wedding and portrait photographer and videographer. I'm based out of Richmond, Virginia, but travel all along the east coast and even abroad to document weddings.


I'm easy going, creative, sometimes sarcastic, and I like to have fun when shooting. 

I believe that marriage is the most powerful bond in the universe; holy, and everlasting. My approach to documenting your wedding is simple - I tell your story through timeless and elegant imagery that will remind you, and future generations of the joy had by you and your guests on this amazing day.

Photography is my outlet of expression, and serves my passion of exploring the world, knowing its people, and creating.

Aside from cameras, I love traveling, drawing, making music, gaming, and watching videos on tiny homes, and hope to build my own in the near future!

Some Fun Facts About Me

  • I am an INFJ ambivert

  • Prefer cats over dogs (sorry dog lovers)

  • McChicken is my favorite thing at McDonalds

  • I love the rain, and often chase storms

  • I can't dance, and you don't want to see me try

  • Favorite foods are anything salty or spicy

  • I believe in soul mates! (kind of a must, right?)

  • I enjoy keeping up on the latest tech trends

  • PC gamer (but I can appreciate consoles too)

  • Big DECA nerd (if you know, you know)

  • I'm Christian (raised in a Methodist church), and really think love thy neighbor is the most important

  • Prefer music to sleep

  • Burgeoning chess player

  • Burgeoning pickle ball player

  • Love meeting new people when traveling

  • Had a phase where I was obsessed with Frozen and got to meet Idina Menzel

  • I love Disney (as you could probably guess)

  • I cry during every movie (empathy is my power)

  • I love nature but am also terrified of it

  • My baby is a Leica M2 film camera

  • Enjoy anime conventions and cosplay

  • I tried Tiktok but I can't keep up


Hear from our clients on their experiences working with us.

Why choose us?

Here's some factors to consider when choosing your wedding photographer/videographer.

covid policy

Things are different, and we've adapted to provide you the best experience possible.

Ready to get started?

Not Just a Photographer

My goal in working with you is to not just take your pictures or video, but to be a supportive friend; someone you can count on in such an important time of your life.

To this end, I keep in touch regularly leading up to your wedding day, and when we do our engagement shoot, we're going to have fun. We'll take some great pictures, explore, and spend plenty of time getting to know each other.


You need to be comfortable with me, so we can capture your most intimate moments authentically.

Sarah & Jess Engagement - Daryll Morgan Photography & Video Artistry-16.jpg

Love is Love

Your love deserves to be captured authentically and respectfully, regardless of your sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, or religious and political beliefs. 

It's to this end that I've dedicated myself to being an ally of all lovers, and have taken the time to educate myself, empathize, and create a business that is inclusive and understanding to all people. 

Learn more about the steps I take to ensure LGBTQ+ couples feel safe and respected while working with me.

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