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Christine & David - Covid Can't Stop Love

It was a toasty day in May when we arrived at David's beautiful family home. Due to the pandemic, the couple decided on a low key ceremony with family, but that wouldn't stop us from having an awesome time! We would instead use this opportunity to take portraits at locations all over Richmond.

Upon walking into the house, we took off our shoes as requested. We began with photos of the dress and detail shots. The home was immaculate and it seemed like every spot was a great backdrop!

Christine was getting ready upstairs, while David got ready with his brother/best man downstairs.

We were a little bit behind schedule, but it was worth it for the first look pics we got!

After the first look, Christine and her family got into the limousine to take them to the church for the ceremony.

The ceremony was held at a church in Richmond and due to Covid restrictions, the guest count was about 10. But these people were near and dear to the couple's hearts, and for the rest of their family and friends, we got plenty of photos and video for them to relive the day.

After the ceremony, David and Christine headed towards the back of the church where they had a private communion with the pastor.

This was an intimate moment, so we did our best to document it without being distracting. Sometimes those candid shots are the most memorable.

After this communion, we took family and friends photos before leaving the church with a bubble exit!

Following the ceremony, we got the chance to take a variety of portraits at some of Richmond's favorite hot spots! This was a dream for a portrait photographer. First stop was Maymont park. The weather was beautiful, so it was super crowded, but we were able to get plenty of great shots capturing the love these two felt for each other.

A couple of years ago, I switched my lighting system to Godox flashes with hi-speed sync. This enables us to use flash at a strong setting even while it's sunny outside. The result is a well exposed subject and background, with even lighting all around.

David and Christine may as well start their modeling careers, because these looks could kill!

Maymont is huge, so we had plenty of options for backdrops. Below are my favorite shots from that stop on our tour.

The Italian gardens are always a win in my book.

The last leg on our adventure was The Jefferson, a famous luxury hotel in Richmond. Renowned guests include thirteen United States presidents, writers, and celebrities.

Portraits here were fantastic with the setting sun.

Historically, the Jefferson featured live alligators in its interior to amaze guests during their visits. Nowadays, we have to make do with statues, but there's still plenty of fun to be had.

What's your best caption for this image?

After this, we went inside for some final portraits before dinner. The Jefferson is gorgeous both outside, and in, and these pictures did not disappoint.

For dinner, the couple and their guests were served a luxurious plated meal in a private room. This was the final leg of our wedding day, but we made sure to grab a few more photos before heading out.

And look at that cake! Small, but delicious!

David and Christine's wedding was a total dream, and even with Covid restrictions, we had plenty of fun and made a ton of memories to cherish for years to come.

Thanks for having us capture your wedding day, and we wish you all the best in your love journey to come.



Video: Wo Imaging

Limousine Service: Richmond Limo


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