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A Sneaky Engagement

It was the week of March 23, 2019. My friend, Holly (whose wedding I'm doing video for), hit me up to see if I'd be available to take photos of her friend, Amanda's, surprise engagement. Of course, Amanda was the one who would be surprised.

Holly had set up a "horse shoot" with Amanda, as both are equestrians. Her plan was to have me come to the house and act as if we were there to do promotional photos with Holly's horses. And of course, to look good for the pictures, Holly had everyone pick out nice outfits and do up their hair and makeup. Little did Amanda know, her soon-to-be fiance, CJ, was out in the barn, setting up a beautiful archway to propose under. He was also busy prepping himself mentally!

That sign was hand welded by CJ! So anyway, I'm with the girls in the house for a bit, just talking about the shoot, and eventually take my leave to "scout out locations." But really I was just in the barn helping the guys set up, and getting my camera gear together.

I then go outside to take some pictures of the horses all nonchalant-like, while waiting for the girls to come out. Finally, I hear the house doors creaking, and everyone comes out. Holly then walked everyone to the barn and opened the door, and that's when the jig was up.

Amanda said yes! After the tears were dried, we took some portraits throughout Holly's land (which was beautiful!)

Looks like it did kinda end up being a horse shoot after all!

Congrats, Amanda & CJ, and I wish you all the best!

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