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Back to Basics: Skyline Drive (2015)

November 24, 2015

I recently had the opportunity to explore the beauty and wonder that is that of Skyline Drive, Virginia (and also Luray Caverns).


This is a trip I had been wanting to do for two years, ever since first reading about it in Popular Photography magazine. There was an article that rated Skyline Drive one of the top places to photography and I knew right then I just had to go (especially since it was only a two hour drive away).


Before my trip I did careful research to be sure I'd be arriving when the weather was fine, and the foilage was nice and colorful.


I woke up Sunday morning, packed my gear, and made my way to the Drive.


When I got there I was greeted at an admissions gate where I paid my $20 admission fee, then began my journey. I had a tight itinerary to make sure I got the photos that I wanted, so I rushed right to Luray Caverns (which is just 20 minutes off the drive).


The caverns were awesome, and our tour guide was knowledgeable. My favorite part was the reflecting pools. The water was so clear you could have sworn it was just the floor.


(Pro tip: A stalactite is an icicle-shaped formation that hangs from the ceiling of a cave, and a stalagmite is one that grows from the floor)

Another really cool thing was the natural organ. It's the largest natural instrument in the world!


The caverns were fun, but I was more than excited to continue my trip and see the rest of Skyline Drive!



I got back to the drive and headed toward the first destination on my journey: Little Stony Man Cliffs. These cliffs (I saw online) would give a great view of the sunset. The hike was certainly strenuous, but not impossible. It was fun, however, to really push myself and my limits.


On my person I had a lens belt, camera, clothes/overclothes, and backpacking pack.


In my backpack I had a small four person tent, a sleeping bag, tarp, spare change of clothes, hammer, hand shovel, garbage bags, knife, and other knick knacks. It turns out I didn't actually need most of these things, but you'll have to read on to find out why!


I got up to the cliffs and met some other hikers who were enjoying the view. I quickly dropped everything off and picked up my camera gear. I took a few photos at that cliff, but then I realized that there was a potentially even better vantage point (see below) higher up... but there was no path to get up there. This is where my (virtually nonexistent, though quickly became existent) rock climbing skills came in handy.

I scrambled my way up the cliff and had an awesome view. I decided to take a moment to rest and that's when disaster struck... (see video below)

I thank God, because I was able to find my lens. It had gotten caught in a couple of bushes, and somehow it wasn't damaged. Which is awesome.


The sunset that night was beautiful. Pictures can't really describe the amount of wonder I felt being at the top of that mountain at sunset. But check them out below, anyway: 


After I finished taking photos I needed to determine where I'd be sleeping. I didn't have a chance to scope out locations earlier in the day, but I came back down from Little Stony Man and drove around for a bit. I drove to Skyland Resort where I had hoped to perhaps rent a room.