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EmPOWERED Women Project

In light of Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Halloween, for the next few

weeks I'll be working on a project I call “emPOWERED Women.”

From a fun and creative aspect, I will be asking female strangers and friends to choose a card of out a deck of cards that I have labeled with super powers.

Then, on the spot, they will model that power for several portraits.

This project is about empowering women in the comic book industry; artists, readers, and the characters. Women are beautiful, and they are powerful. And yet so often they are torn down and told they're not worthy. I believe otherwise.

This project is dedicated to raising awareness about the mistreatment of women, and showing that they should be treated as fairly as anyone else. In addition to the photos, I will ask a few questions regarding their views on women empowerment.

I hope you enjoy this project, and that you'll help me spread the word about emPOWERED women!

EDIT: The 2014 iteration of this project has now ended, but the cause never will! Check it out below!

Scroll down to read about and watch the interviews with some emPOWERED women!