My Kit

Below is a list of the tools and equipment in my kit. In addition to my photography gear, I also bring a

number of items designed to make your day as easy and stress-free as possible.

Nikon D750.jpg

The Camera - Nikon D750

Lauded as Nikon's "Camera of the Year," the Nikon D750 sports a 24.3 megapixel CMOS sensor, state of the art focusing and low light capabilities, 6.5 frames per second shooting, and full 1080P HD video recording at up to 60fps. This camera is my baby, and with it I have been able to capture so many amazing moments and memories.

Lens 1 - Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 G2

The bread and butter of event photography, the Tamron 24-70 G2 is a great all around lens for both wide-angle shots, and close up portraiture. the low f-stop allows for proper exposure even in dark rooms.

Tamron G2.png

Lens 3 - Nikkor 50mm f/1.8

This was my first new lens after the kit lens, and one of my favorites. While usually reserved for when space and weight are major factors, it still takes great shots, and it's incredible for low-light photography. I also use this lens, reversed, for macro shots.


Lens 2 - Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 G2

This is probably my favorite lens. Although it's a little bit on the heavy side, this lens is amazing at portraiture and creating those creamy smooth backgrounds that everyone loves. Its long range allows me to get those intimate shots, while not being in the way. It's my go-to lens for ceremonies, and portraits.


Lighting - Yongnuo 560IV & 560TX

I love my Yongnuo flashes. They're portable, powerful, and a reliable source of light for when the overhead lights just aren't cutting it, or to add creative flavor to portraits. I carry four of these in my kit at all times, along with my light stands in a bag. I attach the 560TX to my camera to control my flashes remotely. 

Backup Camera - Nikon D5100

My Nikon D5100 serves as a backup camera, in case anything goes wrong with my D750 (god forbid). I bring it with me to every wedding, just in case. It's compatible with all of my lenses, though it seems to pair best with the 50mm. 

Nikon D5100.png

Accessories & Camera Bag

I bring a variety of photo accessories that help me to capture the images I want to take, and to be prepared for a variety of situations. Lens filters, cleaning cloths, creative effect filters, tripods, extra batteries, extra SD cards, step-up rings, reverse lens adapter, camera flash, business cards, and a small selection of clothes pins, all stored in my Amazon Basics camera backpack.

Action Cam - GoPro Hero 5 Black

The GoPro is such an easy-to-use and effective camera for capturing those behind the scenes shots. I typically mount this on a light stand and use it to take video of me taking pictures! But it's very versatile, and can be used for a variety of circumstances.

Camera Bag.jpg
Survival Kit.jpg

Wedding Survival Kit

This is a kit of my own design that has all the essentials to help your wedding day go smoothly. Included are clothes pins, safety pins, bobby pins, Tide-To-Go, shoe polish, bandaids, first aid kit, sewing kit, tweezers, q-tips, Ibuprofen, tissues, moist towelettes, bug spray, granola bars, water, tape, lint roller, and umbrella. It pays to be prepared!

Phone Camera - iPhone 6S+

While not used for any of my official photos, there's no doubting that camera technology has progressed to the point that even phones have amazing image quality. I use my iPhone for a lot of my Instagram stories and social media. It's also great for making calls - who knew!