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Available locally and abroad. Travel included for weddings up to 1 hour away.

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Luxury Photo

Full Day Photo Coverage

(No Time Limit)


Engagement Session

Bridal Portraits and/or Boudoir

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage


Professional Retouch

Online Gallery + Canvas Print


Second shooter + Assistant


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Luxury Video

Price: $5,000

Full Day Video Coverage

(No Time Limit)


Engagement Session

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage

Highlight Video

Full Ceremony, Speeches, Dances


Second shooter + Assistant

DVD or Blu-Ray

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Total Luxury Magic

Price: $9,500

Full Day Photo + Video Coverage

(No Time Limit)

All "Luxury Photo" Deliverables

All "Luxury Video" Deliverables

Second Shooter

Third Shooter


Handmade Premium Album from Italy

“The most incredible, comprehensive wedding service I had ever seen. Images were breathtaking.”


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Welcome to Luxury

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Do you shoot destination weddings?

Of course! I work with couples, both near and far to get them the photos and video they deserve!

Will there be a second shooter?

Yes. All of my base packages include a second shooter. For smaller weddings or custom packages, it's not always necessary.

Can you do both photo and videography?

Yes! This is a service I'm proud to offer my clients. We bring together specialists from both backgrounds to create a cohesive delivery of photos and video. Booking both photo and video through a single vendor takes the stress out of going through multiple companies. Plus, as a team, we know how to work together effectively to get the best shots.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

For portraits, no need! My shoots typically go as long as they need to, time-limit free, with no additional charge. In fact, sometimes I'm the one wanting to go longer to get all the best shots! For weddings, most don't go over 10 hours, but for anything longer, we can work out all the details ahead of time.

What kind of equipment do you use?


I use professional camera equipment, including but not limited to: Nikon Z6ii, Nikon D750's, 70-200mm lens, 24-70 lens, prime portrait lenses, external recording equipment, off camera flash and lighting. I also bring clear umbrellas (in case rain invites itself to your wedding) as well as an emergency wedding kit (clothes pins, Tide-to-go, shoe polish, etc).

How will you use our photos and video?


My work is all about telling a story. I share some of these stories on my website, social media, and promotions. This helps potential clients get a feel for my style and know what to expect when working with me. If you'd prefer to keep things private, you have the option to hide certain images in your gallery. And if you don't want anything shared, ask me about privacy licensing.

What is your style?

My image style is often described as clean, sharp, and true to the day's events. A lot of those trendy Instagram filters will phase out in a couple of years, so I focus on creating images that are truly timeless. While shooting, I incorporate a mix of candid and posed shots.

Do I have to order prints through you?

You don't have to! With the files I share with you, you can typically print up to 8x10 with no issues. However, for larger prints or specialty items, I recommend ordering through me for the highest quality and best bang for your buck!

How long until I receive photos/videos back?

For photography, I try to deliver a couple of sneak peeks within a week of the wedding! For videography, and final photo delivery, it's typically 6-8 weeks.

What's it like working with you?

Leading up to the big day, I'm happy to meet/talk with you as much as you'd like. It's important to me that we know each other fairly well so that we're comfortable working together on the big day. I provide help and templates with itinerary planning, shot lists, and more to help make the wedding planning go by as smoothly as possible. You're new at this, but I've been around the block a few times, so I'm happy to share advice and help educate so that you get the most out of your photos and video. I hope to serve as a resource to you, even if you don't ultimately book with me. There's a lot of moving parts in a wedding and it helps to have someone experienced on your side.

Do you use a contract?

Yup, everything is made official using a digital contract service via Adobe Sign. This is for both your protection, and mine, and ensures everyone is on the same page on coverage, deliverables, and usage terms.



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